Frands Jepsen, convicted domain hijacker
Frands Jepsen, Convicted Domain Hijacker

"Knud's Knuts" On Chopping Block After WIPO Ruling!

Frands Jepsen, Knud Jepsen A/S, Of Denmark, and their attorney, Marie Lykke Kristiansen of Patrade A/S Denmark found Guilty Of Trying To Steal Domain, Queen.com, From Rick Schwartz, The Domain King®

"You're my bitch now!" Schwartz declares, after RDNH Ruling.

"My job is to circulate that Frands Jepsen, his company, Knud Jepsen A/S of Hinnerup, Denmark, operating at Queen.dk, and attorney Patrade A/S, Denmark, have been found GUILTY of an attempted theft by an international panel of three. They are CONVICTED Reverse Domain Name Hijackers. Since there is no monetary policy and I am out thousands of dollars to defend my own property, my ONLY recourse is public shaming and circulation. So I am minding my own business and read that my domain, Queen.com that I bought in 1997 and was first registered in 1995 was the subject of a WIPO action claiming Trademark Infringement! I laughed cuz whoever the FOOL and the INEPT attorney representing the fool was to go after a name that I owned for just short of 20 years was going to have their lives altered in a way they could never even imagine. Like a mugshot permanently hung up for the entire world to see. Blogs, news, social media. All out of their control but allowed others control of THEIR reputations. A costly mistake by THIEVES to try and steal a multi-million dollar asset. Cute! Caught! Game over for YOU, just starting for ME. For the record, I am a TERRIBLE steward of reputations for THIEVES and would-be hijackers. No reputation repair company can EVER help them. They EARNED the name "Reverse Domain Name Hijackers" by an esteemed International panel of 3 and they will bear that moniker for eternity. My problem is now THEIR problem. Here are the employees of Knud Jepsen from Denmark and doing business at Queen.dk. Led by Frands Jepsen (below) ceo/owner and I assume other employees that are responsible. Now CONVICTED of "REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING" (RDNH). Represented by Marie Lykke Kristiansen of Patrade A/S Denmark who should have known better! SHAME ON YOU and your LAW FIRM! "Accomplices" in a hijacking. Like driving the getaway car!"
~ Rick Schwartz


I tried to warn you, Frands Jepsen.

Rick Schwartz: The Domain King®
Rick Schwartz, the Domain King®

When you try to Reverse Hijack a valuable $2 Million Domain Name, you no longer control your own reputation or destiny. I now control YOUR REPUTATION BITCH! Let it be a warning to the next IDIOT CEO that tries this. It won't be pretty. I will change your life nand your neighbors will know you are a THIEF!!

Imagine selling your own reputation to another party. What's your reputation worth? What's your company's reputation worth? It's a stain that can NEVER be removed.

Frands Jepsen is a CONVICTED DOMAIN HIJACKERn and THIEF. They used to hang people here for much less. Cattle rustling for example. But you tried to rob an entire business. MUCH worse sio I am here to colect myn POUND OF FLESH!!

I OWN your reputation - or whats left of it, Frands Jepsen! Watch for my new Queen.com site - all about YOU in the next few days.

Watch HallofShame.com for the article on YOU!.

Read all the blog posts and news about YOU!

You're a convicted THIEF and reverse domain name HIJACKER. It's your NEW title. Wear it proudly! The queen and everyone in Denmark should know of your new status! I have to use you and your company as an example to others to protect my business and other domains from would-be thieves and low life SCUM hijackers like YOU Frands Jepsen. You were a bit too cute for your own good. This is not my choice Frands, it is my DUTY and YOU will serve MY PURPOSE!

What's In A Name?

Today, your Domain Name and your reputation are the lifelines and destiny of your business. It is more important than any single other asset you and your business can own. Mechanical things and branding can be tweaked for success. What can't be tweaked is the reputation of a thief. That is something that is no longer in the control of a convicted Domain Name Hijacker like Frands Jepsen! This is personal and I am a terrible steward for ones reputation. Especially one who tried to steal a Multi-Million dollar domain name! So let this and (SaveMe.com) be a WARNING to the next FOOL: Poke a SLEEPING Lion once and he may keep sleeping. Do it twice he will DEVOUR ALL of you in whole!! BURP!


The three-member WIPO Panel was unanimous in its ruling against Knud Jepsen and its co-founder and chairman, Frands Jepsen. The law firm was also given a scolding by the WIPO panel. Here is the WIPO ruling:


Frands Jepsen was represented by Marie Lykke Kristiansen, from the law firm of Patrade A/S, Denmark.

http://www.patrade.com/ or http://www.patrade.dk/


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